You are invited to submit your abstract for a presentation of your recent work. Please, follow instructions in the abstract form and submit it by email to: abstract@image-based-systems-biology.com at your earliest convenience but not later than June 1, 2020.

The abstract will be reviewed by the organizers and you will be informed about the outcome before July 1, 2020.

NEW FORMAT "Tandem-Talk": You can now choose between three options for your presentation, which are the usual poster and talk presentations as well as a tandem-talk presentation. A tandem-talk will be given by two speakers on the same topic, i.e. the speakers will switch back and forth one or more times during their common presentation. In this way, we want to strengthen the idea of systems biology and enable researcher from different disciplines to team up to present their collaborative work. To support this format, speaking time for tandem-talks will be sheduled longer than for normal talks. Please, clearly indicate your preference for a tandem-talk in the abstract form.


You are requested to register for the IbSB Symposium using the registration form and submit it by email to: register@image-based-systems-biology.com

Early Bird Registration until August 1, 2020 100 €
Late Registration after August 1, 2020 130 €

The participation fee has to be
transferred to our account at the

Fischergasse 10, 07743 Jena

Account holder: Hans-Knöll-Institut Jena e.V.
IBAN: DE98 8204 0000 0258 5370 00

Subject: <fill in your name> IbSB 2020

Please, make sure that your participation fee arrives on the above account before September 1, 2020.

You can contact us in case you require a formal invoice for money transfer; please, provide us with the address for the invoice.

Day tickets are available at the reception at the rate of 70 € per day.

Doctoral students that are members of the umbrella organization "Jena School for Microbial Communication" (JSMC), or the "Michael Stifel Center Jena" (MSCJ), or the Collaborative Research Centers FungiNet (FungiNet) or PolyTarget (PolyTarget) can attend the meeting free of charge. Nevertheless, they are kindly requested to follow the normal registration procedure and to declare their membership in the registration email. Thank you.